After You Click

Once you are on a page CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 gives you the rating and ownership on the toolbar and alerts you whenever you  click on another site or are about to enter and send personal data to a different site.

CallingID conducts over 50 real-time tests to ensure you that it is not a phishing or malware site and that you know who owns the site and where your information is going.

Even if the page is OK, CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 will alert you whenever you are about to enter any information to a different site from the site displayed for the page.

For example when you land on a site you will see the rating in the toolbar.

Verified CheckmarkSAFE to submit information and make purchases at this site.
SafeSAFE to submit information to this site.
Low RiskClick the raiting to see the reasons for rating before you proceed.
High RiskYou should not click on the URL.

Calling LinkAdvisor 2.0 always lets you know any link's rating before you click and alerts you if you are about to send your personal data to a risky site or the data that you are sending is unprotected.