Your Safety First

We believe that Web consumers should be able to visit sites and conduct business over the Web without fear of being defrauded or having their PC damaged.

The problem is that Web fraud is big business and the bad guys are investing in technology, social engineering and psychological approaches to trick you to give them what they want. They are stealing millions of dollars every day. Sometimes even the most security conscious users get bitten. What’s worse is that we, as consumers, make it easy to trick us. Few consumers take the time to confirm that the site they are providing personal or credit card information is legitimate, probably because it isn’t easy and who has the time! A surprising number of sites, even well known sites, hide their ownership and tangible contact information. If you get bitten, who will you call? Who has jurisdiction over the scam or theft by a virtual business?

Our conclusion is that:
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware is effective to protect your PC but doesn’t help much against web fraud and identity theft.
  • Traditional black list anti-phishing and scam protection approaches just aren’t adequate because you only know about the sites that have already been discovered. You don’t want to be the one that discovers it by being defrauded!
We attack the exposure with a different focus. We empower you to protect yourself. CallingID tells you who you are dealing with in real-time. It leaves nothing to chance.

While this all sounds so simple,  why isn’t everyone doing it? Best we can tell is that it requires major investments to build and maintain a viable real-time verification engine and database that protects you the first time you visit any site in real-time. We made the investment and continue to enhance it.