How You Benefit

CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 provides you with the confidence when using the Web for fun, deal hunting, banking and managing your other accounts.

Eliminates clicking on malicious link exposures

  • In a search engine list
  • Embedded in a email, IM, Word doc or web page

Minimizes exposure to malware and spams when searching the web

  • Rated on a search before you click
  • See who owns the site before visiting

Minimizes signing up for embedded email and messaging spam exposures

  • Shows email or instant message embedded links ownership before you click
  • Avoids exposing yourself to the linked site

Avoids exposing your personal or credit card information to malicious sites

  • Warns if personal/credit card data will be sent to a different site
  • Warns you if your password/credit card information is not protected