How It Works

CallingID uniquely attacks the root cause and source of your web usage exposures. You are exposed to fraud and PC damage whenever you don’t know whose site you are visiting. In other words, you should always know who you are providing information to and buying from.

CallingID focuses on showing you the site ownership and rating in real-time and confirms that it is safe to provide information or conduct business with or if there is an exposure possibility. It leaves nothing to chance.

CallingID uses a rich set of technologies, extensive data sources and SaaS as a delivery model enabling us to ensure your safety without bogging down your system.
  • Real time anti-phishing logic providing over 50 different tests to insure your safety.
  • Real-time connection checking to detect man-in-the-middle and DNS spoofing ensuring that when a you log into a web account you know that this is really the site you intended to reach.
  • An automatic identification engine and unique knowledge database of web sites, ownership and ratings that is updated and kept current in real-time.
  • A comprehensive analysis that offers ratings with underlying details that are easily understood by users of all skill levels.
  • Industry’s most comprehensive real-time phishing site data base.

The knowledge-base and detection algorithms are protected by a comprehensive pending patent.

How Does CallingID Work?