How It Differs

CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 is the world's leading Safe-Web usage application. CallingID uniquely approaches protecting web users from a user-centric perspective rather than a website server-centric perspective.

Traditional approaches test/verify targeted websites off-line and then periodically send blacklists and verified lists to each desktop user. This has several major problems: the sites tested may not be the ones that you want to visit; the information about the high risk site may not yet have been downloaded to your system and you really have no assurance that the computer is really following the link that is visible.

In contrast, CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 provides you real-time link testing. This means every link is tested in real-time. To achieve this, CallingID pioneered a SaaS approach in which your computer sends the link information to CallingID data centers in the cloud and CallingID's search and verification engines confirm the site information including malicious sites, as well as, in parallel, testing the link from your desktop to confirm that the link is to the site that you intended.

The result is that you can be more confident doing business on the web because you always know who you are dealing with and your personal information is protected since the site you are accessing is in fact the site that you see the rating for.

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*Real-time means each link is analyzed when you mouse-over it or enter a URL or data
*Black list means a collection of risky sites determined by the vendor and from shared sources