Customizing CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0

Clicking on the CallingID logo in the LinkAdvisor 2.0 toolbar invokes the control menu. This allows you to select between a long and short toolbar ownership display (View), Report a suspicious site (Report), get the Version and Release level (About), click to the CallingID website, click to CallingID Support. It also allows you to customize LinkAdvisor 2.0 protection (Options). These options are set by default but you may wish to customize with regards to the treatment of specific personal information and passwords.
  • How can I change the size of the CallingID toolbar?

    The CallingID toolbar has two default sizes - long and short. Long toolbar is as wide as your window. Short mode is a small toolbar with minimal footprint.  To see all the information simply put your mouse over the site information the full information will be displayed.
  • Can I move the CallingID toolbar around?

    Yes. In Internet Explorer you can easily change the location of your CallingID toolbar by clicking and dragging the dotted line on the left of the CallingID toolbar. The CallingID toolbar will move to the location you dragged it to when you release your mouse.

    If you cannot see the dotted line to the left of your toolbars, your toolbars are locked. To unlock your toolbars, simply click the View Menu and select Toolbars, then remove the check mark from the 'Lock the Toolbars' line in the menu. Now you can move your toolbar as explained above.

    You may find it convenient to lock your toolbars after you move them. You can lock them by clicking the View Menu and selecting Toolbars, then check marking the 'Lock the Toolbars' line in the menu.

    Firefox users can move their toolbar from the Long Toolbar position (under the address bar), to the Short Toolbar position (after the menu bar). To do this click the CallingID menu button, choose View and then either Show Short Toolbar or Show Long Toolbar.
  • Every link I mouse-over gets rated. Can I configure to only rate specific links?

    Yes. You can configure the mouse-over function to be invoked only while you hold the CTRL key by ‘Right clicking' the LinkAdvisor 2.0 tray icon . Then select 'Show CallingID Link Advisor only when CTRL key is pressed'

    Un-checking this option returns the rating display to the default showing every link you place your mouse on for over 2 seconds.
  • Can I set CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 to warn me if the site is in one or more a specific countries?

    Yes. CallingID LinkAdvisor 2.0 protects you from sending information to sites located in countries considered suspect and from browsing sites whose owners are located in suspected countries. You can set this up in the 'Suspected Countries' from the Advanced Options tab of the CallingID control menu. You can move any country from the 'Trusted Countries' list (on the left) to the 'Suspected Countries' list (on the right), by selecting it and clicking the appropriate arrow button. You can select multiple countries by holding the Shift or Control keys.
  • Can I turn off the audible warning when a high risk site is detected?

    Yes. Deselect the 'Enable warning sounds' option in the Basic Options tab of the CallingID control menu.